After a Long Nap

Hello everyone.  We are back, after a long bout of silence.  Why the endless space of quiet?  We have been hard at work on Rack N Ruin.  Things are beginning to get going and we are going to be doing some big announcements soon.  In the meantime let’s talk about what we have been up to and how the game is progressing.

Rack N Ruin recently showed at the Indiemegabooth at PAX East.  We displayed a short demo that featured a small tutorial portion of the forest, about 2/3rds of final dungeon, and  to top it off it included a complete boss encounter.  The response was positive and it was good to see people enjoying the game.  To my surprise the demo took almost 40 minutes to complete.  That told me a few things, that the game was enjoyable enough for people to stop for 40 minutes in the middle of PAX to play it through the demo, which areas of the game needed to be shortened/simplified/improved, and it gave me an idea of how large the final game will actually be.

On the development side of things, we are in full production and are moving along at a nice pace.  Most of the base features and core design structures are implemented.   The art is getting closer to the end side of production, so it shouldn’t be long before the game enters into a pure content creation phase.  The music is coming along glowingly, it might actually be the most enchanting part of which whole production.  Ben has produced some truly fantastic pieces for this game.

Things are coming along, so look forward to hearing more from this blog as time goes on.  In the mean time, check out the new site.  The gears have been churning in the background, now it is time for the face of the clock to turn.